New Year’s Goals 2017

Definite goals:

  • Complete RED January
  • Complete Couch to 5k (maybe run a 5K)
  • Read 52 books
  • Complete fundraising and travel to Ghana
  • Get out of debt

Other things:

Try roller derby, yoga and climb fit. Pick one or more to continue with 🙂
Some kind of travel goal
Some kind of documentary/learning goal
Learn a language
Learn an instrument
Pass first year!

BEDA Day 1: Health and Wellness

I went to see a chiropractor today. It was just for a consultation, so I haven’t been fixed of all my ills or anything, but it was a good start. He took all my vitals, and I’m definitely a bit more overweight than I would like to be. I was 81kg, and I remember in secondary school finding out that I was 60 or maybe 65kg and thinking how that was absurdly massive so being bigger again isn’t the best.

Anyway, in line with that, two of my monthly goals for April are to stop drinking fizzy drinks (a constant battle) and to stop eating crisps – or crap in general. I like the idea of eating a lot more “real” food, where the ingredients are one word, and not a lot of unpronounceable chemicals. Of course, that requires a bit more planning and motivation than I am used to.

I think it’s worth listing my April goals here, since I haven’t taken note of them yet.

  • no fizzy drinks
  • no crisps / choose healthy snacks
  • BLEEDA (this blog, 300 word daily updates if possible!)
  • don’t bite your nails because they look nice

But yeah, my next chiropractic session is booked for next week, and I’m honestly pretty excited about it, because according to the tutor guy I seem to have a lot wrong with me. He likened my neck problems to someone who had been in a car crash.

Dentist is the next thing I’d like to sort out. It’s just such a pain that medical stuff always requires me to have a little more money than I ever do. I do want to focus on my general health and fitness though, as it would be rad to be a fit and healthy vegan girl 🙂

Anyway, BEDA Day 1 done. Let’s see if I can keep this up.